Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Halloween Costume Idea ---- Medieval Costumes

Recently,DevilNight UK has published a new series of medieval dresses for the coming Halloween.

This series of medieval dresses are really fancy,sepcial and beautiful.Fashion may have changed substantially,but those medieval dresses,it's romantic, it's picturesque, and it gives the modern feeling to us.Choose a medieval dress from this series is a good idea.

People who don't have a idea that what to wear for Halloween.Why not choose one?

Navy Blue and Black Velvet Gothic Hooded Medieval Dress Black and Red Gothic Medieval Vampire Dress Purple and Black Velvet Gothic Hooded Medieval Dress White and Black Velvet Gothic Hooded Medieval Gown

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Dress-up For A Gothic Party

When you prepare to attend a gothic party,there are a lot of things need to be done.But the most difficult thing is that choose a right look for the party.Below are some key points to do a gothic party look.

1.Makeup.Pale makeup,black or red lipstick,heavy eye makeup is the basic.These will help you in a big way.Don't forget use some eye shadow to get a dramtic look.

2.Hairstyle.Long black straight hair,red long curly hair is the choice for goth.Remeber the hairstyle you choose should look freaky and should go beautifully with your makeup looks.

3.Dress.Black seems the first choice for most of goth.In fact,you can consider other colors,such as wine red,purple,green.And there is a wide selection.Choose a romantic yet gothic look.Below are some gothic prom dresses for you.

Champagne Lace Gothic Burlesque Short Corset Prom Party Dress 

Red and Black Romantic Gothic Corset Prom Gown

These are the key points to creat a unique gothic party look.Of course,all you need to do is to buy the right clothes and wear them nicely.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Burlesque Prom Dresses

Burlesque fashion are becoming popular all over the Internet.Almost every city hold burlesque parties,not only the perfermers,but also the audiences gets to dress the part.People wear burlesque prom dress to attend party and attract the eyes of people.
Burlesque prom dresses contain two parts:corset and skirt.This style of prom dress is different from the regular dress,but it is also sexy and fashion,and there is a wide selection for you to choose from.So you never need to worry that you can't find a right one.
Here I will show you several designs from DevilNight UK.
Black Romantic Gothic Corset Dress
Fashion Black and Pink Gothic Corset Prom Dress
Green and Black Gothic Burlesque Corset Short Prom Party Dress

Monday, January 20, 2014

DevilNight ---- Lace Garden Collection

Lace garden is a brand that has different series of clothing,inculding lolita collection,gothic collection,vintage collection.
Lolita collection from Lace Garden were designed with cute elements and has different lolita styles,such as sweet lolita,gothic lolita,classic lolita.All these lolita clothing are high quality and were popular.Below are the lolita designs.
Purple Classic Lolita Dress
Pink Sweet Lolita Skirt
Gothic collection from Lace Garden was inspired by Victorian era and Middle age.Romantic lace,ruffles,those elements are widely used at gothic clothing.Whatever tops,dresses are all very popular.

Black Velvet Long Sleeves Romantic Lace Gothic Cape Blouse
Blue Trumpet Sleeves Victorian Ball Gowns with Black Lace

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gothic Fashion Clothing

Gothic fashion is not only about clothing,make-up,it is also a way of living.Goths have their own attitudes,they focus on architecture, literature, dressing style, appearance, art and music.

People refer to gothic,the first word they can use to describle goths is black.In fact,although black is the most popular color among goths,dark clolors such as red,purple,green are also very common in goths' apperance.

Here I will show you several gothic clothing from DevilNight UK.

Black Long Sleeves Breezy Outfit Gothic Sweater for Women 

Black Long Sleeves Spider Web Gothic Shirt for Women

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where to Find Fashionable Gothic Clothes on a Budget

Finding gothic fashionable clothing that fits your budget can be difficult in nowadays.Because the price of gothic clothing in store seems more and more expensive and some collections were sold out in a few months.If you want to buy fashionable gothic clothing but don't want to spend too much,take advantage of sales,coupons.
1.Go to local gothic clothing store to check the sale.You can get the chances of Black Friday sale,mid-year sale to choose what you like.Commonly,on such days,stores will have a big dicount.And what's more,stores also put seasonal clothing on sale,you can buy winter gothic clothing in summer,you will get a big discount.
2.Go to gothic clothing online store to buy.Gothic clothing online are fashionable and cheap.Although you have to pay a shipping fee,the price is reasonable.Website like DevilNight UK sell some brands gothic clothing and are always updating.So just try to search online.

Black Romantic Chiffon Gothic Blouse for Women

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gothic Corsets

As a goth,in your closet,there must be different design of shirts,blouses,pants,dress.These are the necessary clothing to be a goth.But for some gothic look,corset was also needed.Have you prepare several gothic corsets in your closet?
Gothic corsets is a piece of clothing that can shape your body like an hourglass.Adding a corset to your whole look can trace you back to Victorian era and also look more feminine and romantic.Here I will show you several designs.

Black Pattern Gothic Victorian Overbust Corset 

Red and Black Gothic Lace Overbust Corset