Sunday, June 30, 2013

How To Dress-up Like A Victorian Lady?

Ever thinking to hold a special themed party?Always attending or holding fashion themed party?Then Victorian Tea Party is your first choice.Not only can wearing gorgeous Victorian dresses,but also can back to Victorian Era to experience a speical and relax afternoon.
Blue Off-the-Shoulder Princess Sisi Victorian Wedding Dress
Victorian clothing is special and beautiful.Wide puffed sleeves,petticoats, corsets, chemises were worn under gowns,all these are the features of victorian ball gowns.
Corsets is a medical necessity part for Victorian Lady's look.It can make your waist thinner,also let your entire body look more temperament.So Never forget to choose a corset to match up with your victorian clothing.
Women's hats during the Victorian era are stereotypically thought of as the enormous, feather- and flower-laden creations that were fashionable in the late-Victorian period.So if you want to dress-up like a Victorian lady,hats is the necessary accessory.And Victorian hats have a lot of styles,you must can choose one that can best fit your look.
Here I have a website to recommond to you if you would like to get victorian Here have a lot of alternative clothing including victorian wedding dresses.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Victorian Tea Party

The afternoon tea party was a feature of great houses in the Victorian and Edwardian ages in the United Kingdom and the Gilded Age in the United States, as well as in all continental Europe (France, Germany, and above all in the Russian Empire). The formal tea party still survives as a special event, as in the debutante teas of some affluent American communities.
Black Vintage Long Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress
And now,the Victorian Tea Party is a themed party that people who attend the party would wear victorian clothing.Commonly,people hold such a theme of party in mid July,cause a day is clear skies and filled with sunshine.Ladies wearing gorgeous victorian ball gowns,large Victorian summer hats and gloves to have a relax afternoon at prettiest table.
Off-the-Shoulder Princess Vintage Victorian Wedding Dress
In fact,not only the Victorian Tea Party is popular,but also Victorian themed wedding.Brides would like to hold such theme of wedding is a reflection of love for Victorian wedding dresses.And on wedding,all ladies wearing victorian dresses seems really bring it back to Victorian era.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Color of Victorian Wedding Dresses

White is the only color of tradition wedding dress,cause white symbolizes purity and chastity.But it is no longer the only option for girls now,especially for people who love alternative clothing in everyday life,they want their wedding dresses to be unique and personality.They has seen so many themed wedding,would like their wedding dress can fresh and reflect their alternative spirits.
So colorful and alternative wedding dresses is more and more popular.In fact,Prior to the Victorian era,brides can wear any color of Victorian wedding dresses except black and red.
Here we give you a collection of victorian dresses in different colors to choose from.
Royal Vintage Victorian Wedding Dress with Jackets
Purple Victorian Bustle Gown