Sunday, June 30, 2013

How To Dress-up Like A Victorian Lady?

Ever thinking to hold a special themed party?Always attending or holding fashion themed party?Then Victorian Tea Party is your first choice.Not only can wearing gorgeous Victorian dresses,but also can back to Victorian Era to experience a speical and relax afternoon.
Blue Off-the-Shoulder Princess Sisi Victorian Wedding Dress
Victorian clothing is special and beautiful.Wide puffed sleeves,petticoats, corsets, chemises were worn under gowns,all these are the features of victorian ball gowns.
Corsets is a medical necessity part for Victorian Lady's look.It can make your waist thinner,also let your entire body look more temperament.So Never forget to choose a corset to match up with your victorian clothing.
Women's hats during the Victorian era are stereotypically thought of as the enormous, feather- and flower-laden creations that were fashionable in the late-Victorian period.So if you want to dress-up like a Victorian lady,hats is the necessary accessory.And Victorian hats have a lot of styles,you must can choose one that can best fit your look.
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