Monday, July 29, 2013

Style and Color in Victorian Fashion

Are you a Victorian fashion lover?What do you think of Victorian fashion?Dark and dark brown?If you think so,it seems wrong. In fact,Victorian era was a long one, began in 1837 and ended in 1901 with her death. So Victorian fashion was changing during those years.
Blue Victorian Fantasy Gown
Victorian Clothing Style
In the beginning of the era, the feature of victorian clothing emphasized sloping shoulders, tiny waist and full, bell-shaped skirts. Women wore enormous bonnets and many layers of petticoats they used to create the full skirt effect. In the 1850′s, the crinoline was invented, women began to throw away the heavy skirt,and by the end of the century women’s clothes became convenient and comfortable,had taken on the style of men’s clothing, such as shirtwaists and tailored suits with exaggerated broad shoulders,but corset was still kept.
Victorian Clothing Color
In Victorian era,color was widely used on Victorian dresses.Black is not the main color,commonly,people wearing all black clothes to attend the funeral or wearing black gothic victorian dresses to attend a special themed party.Aniline dyes were invented in mid-century, making it possible to create brighter colors than had been available previously, and women took full advantage of this. Here are the colors given for one plate from 1860: bright blue, orange-and-black striped, black, green edged with black velvet, violet, pale green, white blonde. This plate describes day dresses, so the bright colors are not only for evening. Here is another from 1881: “dress of white batiste and blue satin damask” . . . “white broderie anglaise percale dress, over plum surah underdress.”
Naturally, people working in special places will wear dull-colored,such as laboratories and workshops.But if she’s attending a party or or going out in the evening,she must would choose full color victorian ball gowns.Really a perfectly period.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be a Beautiful Goth

Gothic beauty is a special and personality style which is often referred to black,drak,exaggeration.But in nowadays,romantic,beautiful these words are the main trend.What need to be noticed if you would like to dress-up like a beautiful goth is what we talk today.
1.Keep in mind classy and simple is your idea when dress-up.Don't add too many accessories,such as corsets,oversize jewelry.And overdo make-up is no,.be dark and daring,be yourself and be natural,especially in daily life,exaggerated eyeliner should throw away.
Purple Halter Short Gothic Party Dress with Irregular Skirt
Red Rose Printed Pattern Chinese Cheongsam Style Gothic Party Dress
2.Gothic clothing is an important part of gothic look.First,you should have your own style,don't follow others and trends,goth is all about being different and unique,choose the style which is most suitable you and your personality.Second,don't always choose black gothic dresses,deep red,purple,blue or these color mixed with black also have many good designs.Third,choose your gothic clothing according to occassions,if you were invited to a party,daily gothic clothing maybe is not the best choice,choose fashion gothic party dresses or romantic gothic clothing.
Remember that only do what feels and looks good to you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Guide To Gothic Fashion

Black dark style is the main feature of gothic dresses,worn by gothic lovers to different occassions. Gothic fashion clothing, which is designed with plenty of dark velvets, fishnets, lace, tight corsets, gloves and leather shaded with scarlet. People wearing gothic clothing to occassions would always have black lips, dark eyeliner, dark finger-nails and black dyed hair.
Black Lace-up Gothic Party Dress
Corset is not only used by victorian era.Commonly,corset is also an important piece of gothic dresses. It shapes the body of a girl like an hourglass,as with Victorian era corset effect. That's why it was very popular during the Victorian and medieval ages.Till today, it was designed with gothic clothing, especially in romantic gothic clothing and gothic party dresses.
Black Net Short Sleeves Gothic Outfit for Men
Fishnet was widely used on summer gothic clothing,such as fishnet sleeves,shirts and jumpers. Female goths usually wear cotton bloomers, lace-trimmed long skirt and flowing gauzy skirts,becuase they are very comfy to wear in the summer. While men wear shirts with ruffles, buckles and lacing that look just like pirate shirts.
Gothic boots are also an imortant part of gothic look.Female Goths usually wear dark black boots with high heels, while Gothic men wear dark black flatted boots, which are usually heavy.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Prepare a Victorian Tea Party?

Always wearing fashion party dress attend parties,want to have a speical party can let you wearing a different style of dresses?Then why not hold a Victorian tea party?Image all guests wearing victorian dresses,what a beautiful picture.Now I will tell you how to prepare a Victorian tea party.
1.Decide the basics of your tea party. You need a guest list, a date and time, as well as a location.
2.Find a right place to have your tea party. If you have enough money,and want to have a real tea party,choose a building from Victorian era.Or in your garden, sitting room or kitchen, but at least two tables are necessary - one for guests and one for food. Never forget to prepare the victorian-style tableware,of course put some flowers on table is better.
3.Prepare the food.Tea and cakes are the most major,and be sure water should always be available.In addition to this,other food like sandwiches,salad should be also in your list.
4.Send Invitations.Determine guests you want to invite,and tell them the theme of the party----Victorian tea Party,what the most important is whether they need to wear victorian ball gowns to attend the party,or common victorian clothing is ok.
5.Host your tea party!
In recently,I just find a website selling victorian dress inculding gothic victorian dresses and victorian wedding dresses,you can have a look:
Gorgeous Long Trumpet Sleeves Black Victorian Ball Gowns
Brown Vintage Tudor Long Sleeves Winter Victorian Dress

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In England,when you ask people which era's clothing is the most beautiful and special,the answer must be Victorian era.In Victorian era,clothing was the mix of the best of other styles and also had its own lively style of ornamentation.
The main feature of victorian clothing were the very elaborated and restrictived on the bodies.of course,corset is also requisite,affected the way they walked, sat or moved her arms.In Victorian era,the color of victorian dresses are more,but different shades of green were very popular.And the dress was continuous adjustment.Dresses and stockings undergarments were cut in a style to show off the figure in a modest way. The undergarments had whale-bones or flexible steel to make it more comfortable.
All these is since Queen Victoria ruled England. The rise of the economy allowed to make more elaborated clothes.Cloth making was made easier and cheaper during the industrial boom of this time. Victorian fashion created by Queen Victoria in England clocked a time completely austere in dress, almost in funeral dresses because since the death of her husband she remained in mourning the rest of her life.
Now Let's see some victorian ball gowns.
Luxuriant Green and Black Sleeveless Gothic Masquerade Victorian Dress
Gothic Victorian Dresses
Elegant Blue Lace Victorian Dress

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gothic Beauty

As we know,“gothic” is primarily a style of a gloomy sentiment in Middle Ages.It is used to describe a certain architecture,art and literature and became popular at that time,which deeply influenced the development of the clothing fashion.Gothic can be divided into ancient Gothic culture and the modern gothic phenomenon. And now modern gothic style is applied into many fashion field especially clothing designing.
Gothic dress is a dress style marked by remarkable dark, mysterious, exotic, and complicated features.People usually wear gothic style dresses with black lips and colored dark hair with black eyeliner make up. Now gothic dress design is presenting a diversified state:romantic gothic clothing,vampire gothic clothing,gothic party dresses and so on.But black and red,purple are the main color.
Here is the different style of gothic clothing.
Black Sweetheart Rose Printed Pattern High-Low Gothic Party Dress with Short Jacket
Sexy Corset Gothic Victorian Vampire Dress

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kinds of Goth Styles

Goth have many kinds of different styles.And different people have their own style goth.Some people like romantic gothic clothing with tailored velvet jackets, lace and period items, while others prefer punk gothic, with bondage pants and a spiked collar, and a part of people prepare for gothic party dresses only because they were invited to attend a gothic themed party.
Of course,every gothic style has its own beauty.Now I will show those gothic clothing for you below.
Long Black Velvet Corset Gothic Prom Dress
Romantic Gothic Black Long Sleeve Gothic Punk Dress
Gothic Punk Black Strapless Gothic Corset High-Low Dress
Gothic Party Dresses

Friday, July 5, 2013

Victorian Fashion In Nowadays

In Victorian era,wedding dresses are glamorous,also until the wedding of Queen Victoria,wedding dresses only have one color ---- white.In nowadays,brides who would like to have a special wedding dress but also want to be formal and look elegant,Victorian wedding dresses seem to be the first choice.
Fitted bodice that lifted the breasts, formed a very small waist, and had full skirts over hoops and petticoats. This is the characters of traditional Victorian wedding dress.These days,dresses are accented with much embroidery and look more modest,but brides still can have shape when wearing one.
Off-the-Shoulder 3/4 Trumpet Sleeves Queen Style Victorian Wedding Dress
In fact,not only victorian wedding dresses are popular recently,victorian dresses also become more and more popular in parties,cause people want to hold a uniqe themed party to show personality.So victorian ball gowns and gothic victorian dresses become people's party dress choice.These dresses have more colors and less embroidery,but still look gorgeous.Here let's see some designs.
Purple Classic Gothic Victorian Dress
Blue Trumpet Sleeves Victorian Ball Gowns with Black Lace