Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gothic Beauty

As we know,“gothic” is primarily a style of a gloomy sentiment in Middle Ages.It is used to describe a certain architecture,art and literature and became popular at that time,which deeply influenced the development of the clothing fashion.Gothic can be divided into ancient Gothic culture and the modern gothic phenomenon. And now modern gothic style is applied into many fashion field especially clothing designing.
Gothic dress is a dress style marked by remarkable dark, mysterious, exotic, and complicated features.People usually wear gothic style dresses with black lips and colored dark hair with black eyeliner make up. Now gothic dress design is presenting a diversified state:romantic gothic clothing,vampire gothic clothing,gothic party dresses and so on.But black and red,purple are the main color.
Here is the different style of gothic clothing.
Black Sweetheart Rose Printed Pattern High-Low Gothic Party Dress with Short Jacket
Sexy Corset Gothic Victorian Vampire Dress

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