Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Prepare a Victorian Tea Party?

Always wearing fashion party dress attend parties,want to have a speical party can let you wearing a different style of dresses?Then why not hold a Victorian tea party?Image all guests wearing victorian dresses,what a beautiful picture.Now I will tell you how to prepare a Victorian tea party.
1.Decide the basics of your tea party. You need a guest list, a date and time, as well as a location.
2.Find a right place to have your tea party. If you have enough money,and want to have a real tea party,choose a building from Victorian era.Or in your garden, sitting room or kitchen, but at least two tables are necessary - one for guests and one for food. Never forget to prepare the victorian-style tableware,of course put some flowers on table is better.
3.Prepare the food.Tea and cakes are the most major,and be sure water should always be available.In addition to this,other food like sandwiches,salad should be also in your list.
4.Send Invitations.Determine guests you want to invite,and tell them the theme of the party----Victorian tea Party,what the most important is whether they need to wear victorian ball gowns to attend the party,or common victorian clothing is ok.
5.Host your tea party!
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