Monday, July 29, 2013

Style and Color in Victorian Fashion

Are you a Victorian fashion lover?What do you think of Victorian fashion?Dark and dark brown?If you think so,it seems wrong. In fact,Victorian era was a long one, began in 1837 and ended in 1901 with her death. So Victorian fashion was changing during those years.
Blue Victorian Fantasy Gown
Victorian Clothing Style
In the beginning of the era, the feature of victorian clothing emphasized sloping shoulders, tiny waist and full, bell-shaped skirts. Women wore enormous bonnets and many layers of petticoats they used to create the full skirt effect. In the 1850′s, the crinoline was invented, women began to throw away the heavy skirt,and by the end of the century women’s clothes became convenient and comfortable,had taken on the style of men’s clothing, such as shirtwaists and tailored suits with exaggerated broad shoulders,but corset was still kept.
Victorian Clothing Color
In Victorian era,color was widely used on Victorian dresses.Black is not the main color,commonly,people wearing all black clothes to attend the funeral or wearing black gothic victorian dresses to attend a special themed party.Aniline dyes were invented in mid-century, making it possible to create brighter colors than had been available previously, and women took full advantage of this. Here are the colors given for one plate from 1860: bright blue, orange-and-black striped, black, green edged with black velvet, violet, pale green, white blonde. This plate describes day dresses, so the bright colors are not only for evening. Here is another from 1881: “dress of white batiste and blue satin damask” . . . “white broderie anglaise percale dress, over plum surah underdress.”
Naturally, people working in special places will wear dull-colored,such as laboratories and workshops.But if she’s attending a party or or going out in the evening,she must would choose full color victorian ball gowns.Really a perfectly period.

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