Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In England,when you ask people which era's clothing is the most beautiful and special,the answer must be Victorian era.In Victorian era,clothing was the mix of the best of other styles and also had its own lively style of ornamentation.
The main feature of victorian clothing were the very elaborated and restrictived on the bodies.of course,corset is also requisite,affected the way they walked, sat or moved her arms.In Victorian era,the color of victorian dresses are more,but different shades of green were very popular.And the dress was continuous adjustment.Dresses and stockings undergarments were cut in a style to show off the figure in a modest way. The undergarments had whale-bones or flexible steel to make it more comfortable.
All these is since Queen Victoria ruled England. The rise of the economy allowed to make more elaborated clothes.Cloth making was made easier and cheaper during the industrial boom of this time. Victorian fashion created by Queen Victoria in England clocked a time completely austere in dress, almost in funeral dresses because since the death of her husband she remained in mourning the rest of her life.
Now Let's see some victorian ball gowns.
Luxuriant Green and Black Sleeveless Gothic Masquerade Victorian Dress
Gothic Victorian Dresses
Elegant Blue Lace Victorian Dress

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