Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's The True Lolita Fashion?

Lolita fashion can be considered a revival of the old style European style clothing from the 1900s and further on down in history. Like how trends are brought back with a flare in modern fashion, Japan has taken it to the next level by shortening the skirts, adding prints, and other cute qualities to the style. Lolita is the furthest thing from a fetish but the ladies who wear the style actually are trying NOT to show skin. Think of a porcelain doll elegantly on display for people to admire. That is the living portrayal of what these lolitas are trying to achieve. There are various styles of lolita and depending on that could be the form of people's confusion as well.
Black Long Sleeves Classic Gothic Lolita Dress
Gothic Lolita is more based probably on the doll concept. They're considered dark and morbid. Age appropriation would be everything between the early teens to late twenties depending on how the clothes are worn. In the West honestly speaking, I feel like we have a ways to go on figuring on what best suits what clothing because it's still a fairly new concept. Shiro Lolita is all white dresses but can also be considered in the gothic category as well as Guro Lolita which is like...blood everywhere. No really. Blood everywhere. Usually it's tainted white clothes. Think of a cute girl going on a rage spree at a hospital or something. Guro is based on a horror concept! In all these are dark concepts that are all gothic lolita dresses. Punk rock can also being incorporated with plaids, asymmetrical skirts, boots, ect.
Purple and White Short Sleeves Bow Sweet Lolita Dress
Ame Lolita (Literally translating into Sweet Lolita) is based on the 'kawaii' concept that perhaps outsiders are more likely to be familiar with thanks to media exposure. The problem is that 'kawaii' was marketed horribly. Kawaii can differ person to person... Tho in this case 'kawaii' is usually cute prints, lots of sweets like cake, whipped cream, cookies, icecreams are seen as prints on the sweet lolita dresses. They usually wear cute pastel colors like baby pink, yellow, brown, ect. and are seen with a light make-up. This is BY FAR the most difficult of sub-genres to pull off because it does look ridiculous at a certain age. Perhaps this is where people get the idea that this is age play, because it looks like something a little girl would wear. I do suggest if you do wear sweet lolita to be in your teens or have a baby faced look or you could come off as too old to be dressing the way you are.
Vintage Floral Pattern Victorian Style Classic Lolita Top
A good alternative to Sweet Lolita is Classic Lolita. It is a blend of the gothic and sweet style. Classic lolita dresses also focuses on browns as wells as creams, red, green..unique colors! They can be plain prints or solid colors like the other styles. It can be a bit more age appropriate depending on the print and execution. It's kind of a country-fied feel. Straw hats and bags and checker print for the warmer months and velvet reds, and bonnets for the cooler seasons. Think of Classic Lolita dressing based on the seasons more so than the other two.
Guys fashion usually aristocrat (tho ladies can be these with frilly blouses and longer skirts!!) or the younger version being kodona. All are based on being dandies I suppose you could say. I don't have much experience in this category but think of really nice coats with buttons and boots.. They can almost look princely if not dapper!
In all the desire to dress in lolita clothing from experience is not only to feel and be unique but to really put effort into how you dress. These girls usually legitimately feel like ladies. They can feel like a princess or some type of girl in high society dressed the way she is perhaps having tea with the other girls and looking at the latest trends.

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