Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why Not To Be A Sweet Lolita

Tired of all the gloomy vampire zombie style at the party? Why not try something new now? Yes, sweet Lolita, a great combination of vintage and modern style showing the unique appetite of your own. Instead of the bloodily crimson, we take angle color of white, baby blue, pink reminding you of the happy childhood filled with lollipop pony and barbie dreams. Too childish? Watch out for the nifty design of the mini skirt and overknee socks, all the things you want to be a cute but sexy lady.
For fans of Japanese comics, sweet Lolita is no stranger. Ribbons, laces, pearls and numerous delicate details could always dazzles you. You cannot be overlooked as a sweet Lolita at any occasion because every part of it is eye-catching enough and symbolic enough. Sweet Lolita is a symbol of innocence and magic while it is nothing short of being mysterious and seductive. Not only the fans, but all the other people also have a shot with the style because it is always flexible and changeable. A sweet Lolita can be formal as well as casual. For a casual style, a simple design of the bubble skirt is preferred together with some symbolic decorations like a small amount of laces and some ribbons. For a more formal one, a sweet Lolita can be as delicate as you could imagine decorating with fairytales, pastries patterns as well as lots of Rococo, Victorian and Edwardian elements.
Blue and White Sweet Printed Pattern Long Sleeves Lolita Dress
No reason to be still hesitating! See the latest collection of sweet lolita dresses and you would not be disappointed!

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