Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gothic Corsets

As a goth,in your closet,there must be different design of shirts,blouses,pants,dress.These are the necessary clothing to be a goth.But for some gothic look,corset was also needed.Have you prepare several gothic corsets in your closet?
Gothic corsets is a piece of clothing that can shape your body like an hourglass.Adding a corset to your whole look can trace you back to Victorian era and also look more feminine and romantic.Here I will show you several designs.

Black Pattern Gothic Victorian Overbust Corset 

Red and Black Gothic Lace Overbust Corset

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Party Dresses In Gothic Style

Red,green party dresses are not the only choice for Christmas in nowadays.Commonly,people will choose their party dresses according to the party themes.And young people at Christmas will hold different themed parties,special and unique is what they want.So gothic themed parties are becoming popular.
This themed party is decorated with black,red colored ornaments and people who attending to the party should be wearing dark black gothic clothing.Here I will show you what I would wear to a Gothic Christmas party.

Black Sleeveless Sexy V-Neck Gothic Punk Dress 

Champagne Lace Gothic Burlesque Short Corset Prom Party Dress

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DevilNight Victorian Dress Styles

Victorian fashion was an age of class and beauty.People who want to back in Victorian era,must be attracted by the romantic and gorgeous Victorian dresses.This style of victorian clothes in nowadays can be worn for parties and other such costume events.But where to find such style of dresses maybe bothered you.Here I will recommend you an online shop. is an UK online shop who sells a variety of victorian dresses,such as gothic victorian dresses,victorian bustle dresses and some other style of dresses.These dresses are well designed and high quality.What's more,the price is reasonable and customer service is good.I have collected several designs to show you here.
Black Gothic Victorian Bustle Dress with Long Sleeves Short Jacket
Purple Marie Antoinette Masked Ball Victorian Costume Dress

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victorian Fashion Dress up In Modern Society

Victorian fashion is one of the ancients styles,it is not only popular in ancient time,but also attracts women in modern society.So today we will discuss if you want to dress up in proper victorian style but do not want to look old-fashioned,how to choose Victorian dresses.

Victorian eas lasted for almost two-thirds of the 19th century,and so victorian clothing is changing all the time,that's why we see mant different styles.Today we will show you the main and most popular two styles.

Red and Black Masquerade Gothic Ball Gowns

Victorian Ball Gowns
A tiny waist and full skirt is the distinct features of this style of Victorian dresses.Of course,corset is necessary,it can help woman to achieve the desired shape and form and also concealed the layers of garments worn below.

Navy Blue Taffeta Sequin Victorian Bustle Ball Gown

Victorian Bustle Dresses
This Victorian style dress features fitted sleeves and bustled skirt.Bustled skirts added fullness, particularly at the back. Bustles were worn at the back just below the waist. A hump-like shape was achieved behind, similar to the curve of the bust in front. In addition to these came the bell and dome-shaped skirts.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Medieval Gothic Vampire Dresses

Today,back to vintage period,such as medieval times,Victorian era,choose a role to play in a party is popular.When people hold a party,they also would like to choose a special theme,such as gothic theme,victorian theme,medieval theme,people who were invited to attend the party should dress-up like this time's people.
Now,I will introduce medieval gothic vampire dresses that can be worn at gothic themed party and medieval themed party.
The vampire look is mysterious and interesting.It can be gothic,romantic and vintage,inheriting the characteristics of medieval dresses.Vampires are always well-dressed,especially medieval gothic vampires.Long trumpet sleeves and big hood are the feature of medieval vampire dresses.As for the color,red,purple,and black are the main color.So when you choose medieval vampire dresses,remember these.Here I will show you some designs.
Black and Red Velvet Medieval Hooded Dress
Black and Purple Velvet and Satin Gothic Vampire Medieval Hooded Dress

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Wear as A Victorian Lady

Victorian fashion is pouplar in England,and this fashion trend also spreads to America,from daily look to Victorian Balls,people who fall in love with Victorian fashion add the elements to everywhere.
But if you are a beginner,how to wear as a Victorian lady maybe is the most wanted to learn when you first attend a Victorian Tea Party.
Purple Floral Pattern Marie Antoinette Victorian Dress
1.Know the exceptions.In Victorian era,women attend ball gowns always choose a Victorian ball gowns that cover full body,but shoulder and breast line is exception.
Purple Taffeta Victorian Bustle Ball Gown
2.Consider Bustles and Corsets. Corsets can shape your body and bustles were designed to hold the skirt up.These are very Victorian.

3.Wear Gloves are a total Victorian giveaway.Commonly,Victorian ladies will choose a lace gloves to match with their Victorian dresses.And black is the most used color.

4.Wear brooches. Brooch is the most important accessory to a Victorian lady.Victorian ladies mostly wore ones containing plain silver or pearls, emerald is accepted, too.

5.Add a stylish hat.In Victorian time,ladies attend Victorian Tea Party,a gorgeous antique hat is the necessary.