Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to Wear as A Victorian Lady

Victorian fashion is pouplar in England,and this fashion trend also spreads to America,from daily look to Victorian Balls,people who fall in love with Victorian fashion add the elements to everywhere.
But if you are a beginner,how to wear as a Victorian lady maybe is the most wanted to learn when you first attend a Victorian Tea Party.
Purple Floral Pattern Marie Antoinette Victorian Dress
1.Know the exceptions.In Victorian era,women attend ball gowns always choose a Victorian ball gowns that cover full body,but shoulder and breast line is exception.
Purple Taffeta Victorian Bustle Ball Gown
2.Consider Bustles and Corsets. Corsets can shape your body and bustles were designed to hold the skirt up.These are very Victorian.

3.Wear Gloves are a total Victorian giveaway.Commonly,Victorian ladies will choose a lace gloves to match with their Victorian dresses.And black is the most used color.

4.Wear brooches. Brooch is the most important accessory to a Victorian lady.Victorian ladies mostly wore ones containing plain silver or pearls, emerald is accepted, too.

5.Add a stylish hat.In Victorian time,ladies attend Victorian Tea Party,a gorgeous antique hat is the necessary.

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