Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Medieval Gothic Vampire Dresses

Today,back to vintage period,such as medieval times,Victorian era,choose a role to play in a party is popular.When people hold a party,they also would like to choose a special theme,such as gothic theme,victorian theme,medieval theme,people who were invited to attend the party should dress-up like this time's people.
Now,I will introduce medieval gothic vampire dresses that can be worn at gothic themed party and medieval themed party.
The vampire look is mysterious and interesting.It can be gothic,romantic and vintage,inheriting the characteristics of medieval dresses.Vampires are always well-dressed,especially medieval gothic vampires.Long trumpet sleeves and big hood are the feature of medieval vampire dresses.As for the color,red,purple,and black are the main color.So when you choose medieval vampire dresses,remember these.Here I will show you some designs.
Black and Red Velvet Medieval Hooded Dress
Black and Purple Velvet and Satin Gothic Vampire Medieval Hooded Dress

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