Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alternative Wedding dress, Alternative Wedding Ceremony

I believe every girl want to have a different and memorable wedding ceremony. You want your guests say astonishingly: That’s her! When they see you. So an alternative wedding dress is the most important role and you will be different in your wedding if you know how to pick up an alternative wedding dress. I will share some my personal ideas about how to pick up an alternative wedding dress as the following:

If you are a female who don’t want to have a traditional wedding ceremony, you can choose this kind of wedding dress: Mother of Bride Gowns. This will be stylish and this kind of dress typically comes with wraps or jackets. You will be different if you put on this wedding dress.

If you a bride who don't want a train or very little train, an beautiful evening gown the best choice. Also they cost less than informal bridal gowns.
If you can't find what you want, then design it and have it made by a wedding dressmaker or tailor.

Traditional wedding gowns are also in white and ivory colors, so if you want to be different, a colored wedding dress is a perfect wedding dress choice.
You will be alternative if you have an alternative wedding dress, picking up a wedding dress for your coming summer wedding from today.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to dress for a Special Party or Occasion

I believe almost every people has a trouble on how to dress yourselves for a special party and occasion. You may worry about what you should wear when you are working, studying or attending a kind of party. I will share some personal suggestions with you as the following and you also can share your own ideas with us here.

In my opinions, how to dress for a particular occasion is simple if you can grasp the features of this occasion. I have some examples and you can have a reference when you are meet these dressing problems.

When you are preparing to go to work, you should wear something which looks serious and formal and it will help you get high scores in your boss heart. When you are preparing for a Cocktail party, i think you can prepare something shorter, an evening dress will be a perfect choice. When you are worrying about what you should wear for a event which theme is alternative, i think you can choose some Punk or Gothic clothing and accessories. You will be a bright star in different occasions if you can grasp the difference of different events.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Dress Alternatively?

There is a popular term to describe teenagers dressed in a special fashion style: alternative. And there are more and more people choosing alternative clothing to show their own personality and style. If you are interested in the Alternative Clothing Fashion, you can be a alternative person through wearing its style clothes and then you can experience their lifestyle. There are more and more events with alternative clothing fashion themes nowadays. And you can dress yourself up in this clothing style to these occasions and you will have a special experience when you join in them. Here are some wonderful pictures about Alternative Clothing Fashion:

If you want to be alternative, you can combine multiple looks and styles to create a unique form of dress. You should always dress yourself up in a very individual way and let others feel hard to find the two in the same way(just like the people in the pictures). Alternative Clothing fashion is kind of creative and self expression, so you can do anything that will help you finish this goal.
I have some personal advices:You can take a hat even a helmet on your head. The most important part is the clothing. First, all the patterns should be unique and you should choose many patterns you may not even imagine yet. Some of the people who are the fans of this style may wear a T-shirt on the top and a bloomer in the down part. Then what makes you look different is that you should use lots of unmatched colors. For example, you can use this colour group:the black, red, and the green. You can use any colour group certainly only if they can make you look special and different. Except the clothing part, the accessories are very important in this clothing style and you can choose some exaggerated decorations. For example, you can choose a big bow adornment in the red and the animal printed (just like a tigre) in the whole dress.

You will look different and attractive if you grasp the most necessary features in Alternative Clothing Fashion Style.