Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Victorian Clothing From DevilNight

Devilnight.co.uk is an online shop which sells alternative clothing for women and men.And here I will introduce DevilNight Victorian collection which the design is alternative and unique,quality is also good.
Blue Masquerade Long Trumpet Sleeves Victorian Dress
Gothic Victorian Dresses
This collection is common,many designs just like the other online shops,but the quality is worth every penny.There also have a few different designs from other shops as a characteristic.Commonly,one style has many different colors,and you also can require to your own color.These gothic ball gowns can be your choice for the Gothic themed parties.
Red Satin Short Sleeves Victorian Bustle Ball Gown
Victorian Ball Gowns
Victorian dresses are become popular in recent years,people like to host a Tea Party to meet friends.So DevilNight also publish this series.Victorian ball gowns from this series is amazing and gorgeous,wearing them,just like back to the Party in Victorian era.Every Detail is delicate,I love all dresses from this series.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dress Like a Modern Victorian

Clothing in Victorian era is gorgeous,corset,bustle,underwear.....these are the must have parts.Victorian clothing can make your look feminine and elegant.This piont also suits your fashion needs and personal style.So do you want to try this style?Here I will tell you how to dress like a modern Victorian.
Green and Black Short Sleeves Victorian Bustle Ball Gown
Victorian Dresses
You can go to second hand clothing store to choose one,or search online to get a Victorian look.In Victorian era,the color of the dress were dull,but as a moder Victorian,you can choose some bright color,such as purple,deep blue,especially you are planning to choose Victorian ball gowns for the Tea Party.
Victorian Burlesque Waist Training Overbust Corset
Corset and Petticoat
A Victorian dress may need corsets, a bustle, or petticoats to look right.Corset can make your body shape more perfect and petticoats can make the skirt look puff.
Black Lace Victorian Pendant Gothic Necklace
Choose Victorian jewelry to match with your dress.Gold jewelry will work best for a Victorian look.Of course,a huge Victorian hat and a pair of shoes were needed.In Victorian era,people attend formal occassions would wear a hat.So if you would like to back to Victorian,choose a suitable hat.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

1840s Victorian Gowns

Blue Off-the-Shoulder Princess Sisi Victorian Wedding Dress
Black Off-the-Shoulder Velvet Lace Victorian Ball Gowns
Women’s Victorian dresses are simpler during the 1840s regarding ornamentation. Bodices feature a rigidly boned elongated shape with a waist that forms a perfect point Victorian clothing in the front.Off the shoulder and sleeves are short and tight with either puff decorations or lace trimming. Bodices feature a rigidly boned elongated shape with a waist that forms a perfect point Victorian clothing in the front. The bell shaped skirts are formed with cartridge pleating.
Victorian dresses from 1844 with short tight sleeves edged with lace. Each elongated waist forms a perfect point in the front, typical of the style of the 1840s.
The features of 1842s Victorian evening dresses are full bell-shaped skirts with cartridge pleating.The vertical lines of the bodice of the yellow dress is emphasized with five fabric flowers.
Victorian ball gowns worn off the shoulder with pointed waists.The bell shaped skirts are formed with cartridge pleating. Both Victorian gowns have short tight sleeves and rigidly boned elongated bodices.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gothic Style:Gothic Victorian Fashion

Victorian fashion had a strong influence on goth,and these gothic styles are popular styles in nowadays,such as gothic victorian,gothic lolita.Here we will talk about gothic victorian clothing.
From masquerade balls to tea parties,people will wear victorian dresses to enjoy over the world.The corsets, parasols, lace gloves, top hats, bustle skirts and mourning veils,these are the parts of victorian dress-up.Becuase victorian fashion effected goth a lot,so gothic victorian dresses also have these parts,but the difference is that,the color of most of these parts are dark black,keeping the most major feature of goth.
Gothic Victorian is often a very detailed look, involving many layers of heavy and often impractical clothing - for example, a lady's attire might include a steel-boned corset, stockings, bloomers, petticoat, skirt, bustle, blouse, veil and parasol. But for casual attire,a long skirt and ruffled blouse is generally more appropriate.
Several gothic ball gowns were listed below.
Black Ruffle and Bow Masquerade Gothic Ball Gowns
Romantic Black Long Trumpet Sleeves Gothic Victorian Ball Gowns
Black Masquerade Gothic Ball Gowns

Monday, September 2, 2013

Choose Gothic Clothing for Halloween Party

Halloween is on the way!Now it is not just for kids.So had you already have an idea to hold a great party to celebrate with your adult friends?Black Gothic style is your choice?If so,what I talk about below must be useful.
Costume must be the most important thing for you to attend the party.Even though the party theme is gothic style,you have to consider carefully.Here I recommond four choices for you to choose from.
Sexy Black and Red Corset Gothic Vampire Dress
Gothic Vampire Dresses
Vampire is popular in recent years,especially after serveral famous movies.Do you want to be a vampire on Halloween party?
Black Romantic Long Trumpet Sleeves Gothic Victorian Dress
Gothic Victorian Dresses
Have you ever want to be a special role on Halloween party?What about back to Victorian era,and add a touch of gothic element to the dress?That must be fantastic.
Black Cravat Romantic Gothic Blouse for Women
Romantic Gothic Clothing
Romantic gothic is loved by most goths.If you would like to look beautiful and also need to consider the dark Halloween theme.Romantic gothic clothing is your best choice.
Black Lace-up Gothic Party Dress
Gothic Party Dresses
Gothic party dress is the most common choice.Commonly,this style of dress always catch up with the fashion trend.If you want to be a black fashion alternative role on the party,choose one.